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Outreach Services Application

To apply for services at Double Mountain Outreach services, the applicant MUST be a resident of one of the following Texas counties--Haskell, Jones, Kent, Knox, Stonewall, or Throckmorton. Applicants from outside our six-county service area will be automatically denied and deleted.  

Along with the online application, applicants must submit copies of:

1. Any and all household income for the past 30 days. Pay stubs are required for the employed. 

2. Proof of OAG for Child Support

3. Proof of SS and SSI for the current year

4. Proof of Retirement Pensions, Veteran's Payments for the current year

5. Current electric and gas/propane bills(all pages, back and front)

6. Declaration Of Income Statement. 18 Years or older who has no income. (cash or odd jobs)