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Aspermont Small Business Development Center


Aspermont Small Business Development Center, Inc. is seeking applicants for the position of full-time driver for the Double Mountain Coach Rural Public Transportation System.

Applicants must have an excellent driving record.  Experience in transporting passengers is preferred.  Any driver training such as Defensive driving, Passenger Assistance, CPR/First Aid. etc., is a plus.

The ASBDC Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer; all applicants will be given equal consideration regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation or belief. 

The ASBDC, Inc./Double Mountain Coach maintains a Drug Free Workplace and Drug-Alcohol Policy Testing Program.  Position will remain open until filled.

For more information or to receive an application you may contact Gail Ray at (940) 989-2239 or Lisa Flowers at (940) 989-3538.